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Related post: Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 08:19:54 EST From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 13.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind cgi teen bbs guide where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 13. Each rut-bangin' butt snapping fuck Brice threw to Kurt, the closer he came to easing his own pucker onto John's waiting, probing finger.At this point Richie was pulling out best teenz bbs of Brice's mouth, and as John had earlier, he fed the boy a corner of a slice of pizza. Brice was chewing, swallowing, humpin' and pumpin,' Derek pulled from Kurt's mouth and stood to feed Brice now with his Kurt-spit slopped guestbook bbs fozya man dick of six fat inches. He first did as the others and gave him a taste of his beer, and as the boy looked thankfully into Derek's face, Derek fed his meat over Brice's beer cooled lips and tongue.Brice was nearing flashover now....his cock was firing on all cylinders....he felt like he was plugged into a boy-jollies maker. The tingles fanned out to his every nerve ending. The sweat streaming down his face, matched that running down his back, and dripping from his cute slightly turned up nose. John licked at the sweat as he tongued straight up Brice's spine.Brice murphled something around Derek's preeen bbs now dark portal bbs pumping face stuffer, and then there was a scream of sorts accompanied by a wild burst virgins bbs of fuck-snap thrusting up into Kurt's bunger.We find that the mumbling was pre tgp bbs pics Brice's near-cum excitement alert....the wierd scream was when he pulled back to long-cock those ass lips and got his boy nut as he impaled himself as well on John's middle finger which was now nurturing the deflowered boy cherry....."Ohhhhhphhccckkk!" Brice gawked as he filled Kurt with another load of teen cream, while getting his own first tail ride....Brice's cock pulsing slowed and yet as he calmed, his frenzy renewed. He was humping still. He was driving himself back onto John's two fingers now! "Ohhhhmmmmm," he warbled as Derek slipped out of the kid's sucking mouth. John's precum was oozing in tits in tops bbs a steady stream to the floor between his cross-legged squat. Derek and Rich were fascinated as they watched their pizza boy ride the rail like a bronco bustin' cowboy!Quarry Hole. Chapter 13As natural as is a horny boy, Brice's heavy, yet short breaths were telltale....he never stopped hunching his bubble bbs desi butt....but now his head fell back against John's shoulder. John had come up onto his knees behind Brice and was readying his boy pleaser to slide home up into Brice as he pulled his teen model bbs board finger friggers out. He bit the kid's lobe and breathed hotly onto his cheek as the bulbous cockknob sought entry to the virgin sanctum. In Brice's next ride back over John's meaty finger there was a near seamless finger-pull teens porno bbs and cock-sertion. John bit hard on Brice's ear as he leaned into the straightboy's first fuck. Brice's crying scream was most likely equally ear and pucker pain.....but as John released the kid's ear and replaced teeth with a wildly darting tongue, he hugged Brice tight to his chest....fully impaled on John's hefty truncheon.With all these fiery new sensations, Brice had not overlooked that free offhost bbs his own boy plugger was still nestled deep in Kurt's pussy pucker....and in those few seconds after he fully achieved acceptance of John's cock, John made a circle-wag of his butt bbs models portal sending his cock on a tour of Brice's tool tunnel, and----and----ohhhhhhh.... Brice ham-slammed Kurt hard, and then started rebanging Kurt bd company pics bbs in tiny strokes matching the very pedo love bbs small movements of John in his own boytail.He never yoda bbs list felt anything like it....he'd never thought about it....would never have thought he'd like it if he did....but godddddddddddd......he elwebbs video LOVED it!!!!! "Fuck you, boy???" John asked hoarsely whispering in his ear...."Fuck you????"Brice's naked bbs kids head flopped back into John's neck and shoulder crease and moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhyehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....fuck meeeee...fuck meee....ahh yeh....FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"John wiggle wagged inside him almost continually, bringing the boy pedo bbs girls to the edge of anal cum-snaps time and again. Now the kid's mind was near gone, and only John's relentless ass pummeling drove Brice into Kurt....His circuits were all crossed....the signals from his tingling, fuck-needy dickhead were telling him he was gonna shoot his load....but so was his pussy fuckin' asshole! He was getting all he teenie sex bbs could handle from John's power fuck. The big dude was really into it now. He was grunting, and making deep throaty guttural sounds, as he started into the final short-stroking cum shooting butt slamming end of this fabulous deflowering boyfuck of Brice.In those last seeming hundred short strokes, Brice was in a constant state of inner convulsion as he snapped off one anal orgasm after another....there wasn't even a separation was like he was constantly shooting yet at that high point of breathless expectation immediately before a cum....but it never was died-and- went-to-heaven bliss for the young fresh-fucked boy cunt who was also himself, drooling his own cock jam up inside Kurt's thoroughly fucked-out bunghole.John looked up at Rich and Derek and they could bbs little virgins see from the wild eyed look that John was long gone himself and sort of flopping around over Brice's hunched over back. Rich helped John come around as Derek loltas bbs slipped in behind Brice. A firm hand around the boy's face turned it into Derek's, whereupon his tongue filled Brice's porno young bbs open mouth as the boy continued sucking all the air he could to stay conscious through the most exhaustive few minutes of his entire life....and now if he could think at all, pre bbs sex galery he would know it wasn't nearly over.Derek held their mouths, suctioning with now dueling tongues as his prick slid through John's cum trail right up into Brice's finely bbs teen porno lubed poop chute.Rich had Kurt get on his knees to clean Brice's tail slime off his big brother's hog, and then had him lie on his belly and lick playtoy bbs his own little tight virgins bbs ass taste off of Brice's cock while Derek reamed the young fucker out.Kurt stayed on the superheated pizza boy's sausage till Rich replaced Derek at Brice's back door.Soon, they had Kurt licking Richie's dick as it slid up and back into and out of Brice's pucker. The cum riding back out of Brice's hole from the loads John and Derek had left up there kept Kurt busy through Rich's entire boy-fucking romp in Brice's pussycunt."Ummmmmmm," is all the sound Rich made as yet another load of teen cream was shot up inside Brice this night.....this night of the 'taking elwebbs model of Brice'.After Rich had Kurt clean him off, he put his head to floor and lifted Brice's leaky bung over his mouth. "Getcher tongue up japan bdsm bbs there fuckstick, and clean him out."Whatever sensations were left inside Brice's numbed out fuckhole should have given him the wildest thrills as Kurt's rasper digged up in there to suck out the three buds' jackjelly and spit shine Brice's tool tunnel walls.John was sitting in a chair in a very mellow mood after the surprise of having some virgin boy topping to enjoy with their pizza. Rich and Derek watched the two younger sucking ass, the other deliriously enjoying it....staring with a smile that looked painted on his his three hosts....his tongue slipping out over free bbs sex videos his lip and sucking back in as he rode on and on.....and on.John called to him, "Briceboy....whutta you think about making some real way more than you ever gonna make hustling fuckin' pizza?"Brice just shrugged and huffed and said..."Sure...great...whut doin'?" His whole body was wiggling, and his voice halting, with the action of Kurt's tongue driving still up his butthole."You know kid," John continued, bbs tgp top "you got that winning toyboy smile, handsome prick and one fine asshole, boy. I can put you into some fine houses 'round town that would do anything for that big smile, that squirrely tongue and velvet smoothe bung.""The young fucker eatin' you out right now, could join you on occasion to double up on the play. I'd also be looking for another three or four dudes to join our little bbs images erotica company," legal lol bbs toplist John motioned for Brice to come over to him, whereupon he pulled Brice's naked spit-slick ass into his crotch. He slid his svens bbs ranchi finger up inside Brice and got him riding his hotboy button over the finger tip while he continued on saying, "I assume you might schoolgirls naked bbs know a few young dudes we could introduce to all this fun and our lsmagazine bbs big money outfit?"Brice's head wobbled on his neck like a bobble head doll's, again out of his mind with teen movie forum bbs inner- cum-snapping bbs naked sensations."How many buds junior bbs nude you got at the pizza joint?" John asked."Two," Brice breathlessly offered as he rose and fell now fucking himself on the diddling frigger."How's about'chu bringing one of 'em tomorrow, after work, and the other the next day? You can set it up nature angels bbs like you bringing me another pizza, and you wanna innerduce the new kid to me at the same time," John said.Brice longer able to speak. Seeing this, John called Kurt over to finish Brice off. The older guys looked kids bikini bbs to each other and slapped hands....they were in business!" Bentley now. See if he wants some free cp bbs action tomorrow night....tell him starting figure's 20 bucks plus tip for one hour if he comes here....describe Brice, and tell little pretty nude bbs him first time's only an hour 'cause the kid's gotta get home early," John directed.Kurt was given a bowl of warm water, soap and towels to clean up Brice, dry him and then they got him dressed and to the door, where John slipped his hand down c p bbs the back of the bbs teens ru kid's pants and fingered his pucker while squeezing the young dude to him. Brice just fuckin' image bbs girl young swooned on the bigger guy's finger before being sent off home, "See you tomorrow, boy....your new career begins then."Brice had a big smile and bounce to his step....and a new itch........that he might never satisfy?John, children bbs pictures Derek and Rich were beat...not to mention their suckserf, Kurt waiting for the next debasement there in front of them on his knees.Derek and Rich just slapped teen bbs bikini John's hands and took off with visions of what devious fuckin' plot John would have laid out for all of them the next night. Kurt was shocked when John just sent him to the lesbian bbs shower and bed while he turned on the TV and ended up falling asleep the whole night down in the living room.Next morning, a big day lay free bbs pedo in wait for all the young quarry boys. Of course Kurt's day began with young japanese bbs his face bent up and back, on his knees with his big brothers porker down his throat. John loved to rub Kurt's gawking throat when he deep donged the kid, bbs nude photo and it was really the only affection he ever showed Kurt...he imagined he yo teen art bbs was jerking off Kurt's throat..."Gwaccccckk--uhuhukk--huh-uh-huhkk!" Kurt gagged and tried to cough, but he could only swaller and gag on that engorged manboy prick.It was an unusual night to be sure. Kurt was allowed to sleep in his own bed, without big bro meat in free bbs pasword incest his ass. John didn't even make the kid come in to serve him in his room at daybreak. John went for take out. He shuffled down to Kurt's room, stripped the bed, dragged Kurt's ass to the floor where he admin istered the dick-jection which brought his l'il brother to life once again for another grand day of service to just about every dick around.John loved to back up with Kurt hanging on his cock with his throat muscle, all the way to the shower. He bbs lsm nude would usually relent in the shower and let Kurt wash him with the cock just lying on his tongue oozing prefuck boy jizz the whole time. Kurt was allowed to release John's cock so he could burrow into John's bunger and joy his hole.Just before the final soap off and rinse, John jack-hammered his cock through Kurt's lips so fast that Kurt's head was snapping up and back so fast he was "Umph-fumph'in" and his forehead was making rapid-fire smack-smack-smacks into John's wet belly. Then he heldddddddd....a v-e-r-y long moment while he filled the young dude's mouth with swaller jelly. Kurt knew he was to hold it all to show the jiggling cumshot to his brother. John got chills when he turned Kurt's face up young bbs pictures and looked into the kid's mouth. The gobs of spooge lay unstably, rolling over and around Kurt's quivering tongue, wiggling and shimmering in the overhead light of the bbs gallery links pedo bathroom. John held Kurt's neck and Adam's apple while he said, "Gargle, fucktool....gargle...."Ohhhhh mannnnnn! "Ahhhhgglglglglgggh!" The spermy-spittle bubbled up over his lower lip, and the drool and spunk driveled down Kurt's jowls to his squatty boy toes in the tub. Nnnggh!His throat squeezed tight by John's big hand, he was allowed to swallow in small 'guluck-gulucks' with his mouth wide open. John got so fuckin' crazed he almost shot again without touching his steel-hard bobbing cock.Smiling down at the gawking suckboy, who kept swallowing to clear the slimespoo, John enjoyed the kidface looking back up at him anxiously, only to receive the cool cum-iced brother dick to clean off. Tongue and lips slupped over that John dong, till the bigger kid was sated, and youth bbs art ukraine whapped Kurt's face with it before rinsing and stepping from portal bbs russian the tub to be dried off by his little brother serfdog.Kurt scrambled out and wrapped his brother in a huge soft towel and rubbed him dry while he either crouched low or knelt before him. Graig woke with a start with the sun shining into his room. His pearls elwebbs bbs heart stabbed when he realized that his having to meet John where he works to be put in service this afternoon was NOT a nightmare. His hand traversed his smoothe naked teenboy chest like shamied boys he sex links bbs teen slumped back into his pillow whimpering.... Shuey pretty girls bbs and Paul made their way to the corner where they met with Kurt, Scott, Mark, Joey and Jerry for the trek to school. It was now an anxietous venture every morning to see if any one the longtime buds would demand some kind of service to his cock. They weren't sure, but Joey thought that he saw Graig tearing off down the street on the dead run to avoid his being made no nude bbs morning dicksnubbler. Kurt was silent about what happened the night before with Graig at his place.There'd be plenty of time for Graig as the days and weeks wore on....they all knew....Graig was all but property of the quarry boys. There was idle talk about the new kids who were lined up for the quarry that afternoon. Scott asked Kurt if he'd been practicing to receive the new prime dick that afternoon. Kurt sure had been in practice, and the boys were sure his big brother had put him in the dog cage after 'practice' naturist girl bbs the previous night. It was cool in a way, that every kid was thinking about what happens in Kurt's private life as if they were there. Kurt in truth no longer had any privacy. He was balls ass naked to the world around zoo bbs him anymore....for as far ahead as they could top illegal bbs see.Kurt, Shuey, elwebbs big pics Paul and Mark made it all the way to school with their clothes still in tact and without their lips hanging off their buds' pricks.As the kids rolled on into the school building, they hit the lockers for books and junk, and then made their way to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was more the hangout before school thing to do than it was an actual feed.They stopped short at the door when a cheer went up followed by table banging and bbs webcams foot stomping....and cheers for "Blowjob! Blowjob! Blowjob!" Then they realized...when last they were in there, Kurt had blowed Scott under the table at bbs bib lunch hour. Kurt hung his head and shivered in anticipation.They all laughed and waved, Scott jumped on a chair and quieted everybody down...."Not now here!" Another raucous foot stomping cheer and then the din died down to the normal low roar of a crowd. Kurt had sorta hoped that ls bbs illegal there wouldn't be a repeat of yesterday...he held out bbs japanese boy that maybe he'd be spared from another naked cocksucking display of his talents. Shit man! All he had was hope to hang onto anymore. John's old truck rumbled to life, and he headed for work after Kurt had left for school. His mind went lustily back to last night, when he reached the corner where he had found Graig, eyes closed tight, jackin' his dick, naked on his back...all alone. He sprung a rod immediately.He hit the gas and took the route toward school....he was rubbing his xxx young teen bbs dick in his jeans....he was one fuckin' hot jeansboy....darting looks down streets and up driveways hoping to catch site of Graig. young nymph bbs No luck. He'd have to hold his own till the young fucker showed up for 'duty' at the machine shop that afternoon.In no time it least for was fuckin' noon time and his next nightmare lunch was at hand. The kids knew they had to be careful now 'cause the crowd was roaring and noisy as hell and was getting attention of the cafeteria monitors and serving crew.Scott calmed them down and just told them they wouldn't be disappointed, but that they had to keep order or there'd be no fun in Kurt's mouth if they all ended up at the principal's office.As it was the kids never could see much least not after Kurt stripped completely naked to their cheers and then crawled under the table to take charge of one of his buds' tools. Their imaginations went wild once they knew Kurt's face was locked on a kid prick. Scott gave the honors to Mark this day. With a finger pointing down over Mark's head, all teen eyes were on the quarry boy table and every move Mark made could mean either sun cp bbs clothes being opened, prick being pulled free and/or slipping through boy lips. The kids pounded the tables every time they saw some move from bbs lo teen tgp Mark indicating he ls land girls bbs was being 'taken care of.'He was that! Being taken care of that is. He started squirming and wiggling....and soon he flushed crimson from the heat the poor fucker was in before dozens of kids. To get a suckoff top young bbs in front alt porn bbs of everybody he knew...and didn't can't get better than that.....well unless he was bareassed naked on the table humping Kurt's mouth all out in the open lo bbs elwebb for everybody in the bbs amateur erotic world to see.To the shock of most, there was a rush to the suckboy table of a whole bunch of kids....with cameras? Holy internet!!!! The whole deal might be blowed by late afternoon when shots of Kurt's face and mouth got plastered across the internet.... no stop bbs porn doubt nudist bbs free photos even ending in up on web sites and magazines around the world once t hey got picked up.The scene was eeeeee-rotic!! Under the table was Kurt's bloaty cheeked face filled with a humping out of control boy prick attached to hot teen kid bouncing and squirming in his chair face-fuckin' a handsome young xxx pass bbs bare-ass naked dude.Geez...the fucking precum-spitmix drool even! Strings of pearly incest preeten bbs goop reaching for the floor. Kurt frighted up when he saw the kids, one after the other and even in two's and threes flashing off pics and god knows adult bbs pedo how many picked off 30 and 60 second streamers of action! When Kurt started to pull back at teen bbs sites what this could lo bbs girl all mean to his forevers, Mark held his face fast for he had already started cock-humpin' to the inevitable wild gut-wracking teen ramjammin' cum facefuckin'.Small and simple things sometimes make the scene....make it horny...just so, well, soooo fuckin' hottttttt!!! I'm watchin' Mark's teen-kid hands holding onto Kurt's prettyboi the fingers wiggle elwebbs bbs nice and knuckle-creep across those boy cheeks to grip firm yet somehow sensually as his wide open fly and lower belly 'ffwumpped' wombat bbs cp harder and faster by the second and bbs free erotica then....oh man o man, and thennnnn....he comes up off his seat.....his whole body wracked in teen cumming rapture.....the whole cafeteria is frenzy....lifting their tables and banging the legs to the floor in a magnificent building crescendo and then the wildest cheer went up when they saw Mark's sweat-streaked flushed face grimace, scrunch his eyes shut....and then his deflated body flopped back into the chair. The shriek and rumble of the whistles and stomping feet was phenomenal. Monitors were looking everywhere young strawberries bbs around the room scared of what they couldn't see....running around waving at the kids to settle down, only driving the scene to an even higher pitch.There best lol bbs pics is just something magnificent to a boy who watches another boy....stares deep into his face....watching all his piss bbs toyboy muscles clench and tighten....and just sees him....CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!Things had gone quiet....finally! What a lunch hour these kids all had....nothin' would ever come close to toppin' this! Then in young cp bbs pedo the midst of every kid's feverish gasping recovery....need I mention how kinder bbs ls many kids shot their boxers full of spoo without so much as a helping hand?There out of the tables in the middle came one sturdy young dude...walking somewhat wobbly, although boldy, no doubt soggy in the shorts, to the quarry boys' table.Holding out a small trembly hand, he shook hands with Scott, and said, " name's Sean.....and I'm um...a'posed to meet you all at the quarry for"Joey blurted...."Fer a BLOWJOB dickweed?"The young dude nodded turning all shades of red, hanging his head while he nodded.The kids gave him time and directions and he said his big brother Rory who graduated the last year wanted in on the deal too. Scott shrugged and said, "We looking forward to it dude...the more cock the merrier for ol' Kurt here," Scott added as he pulled Kurt's cum slick face out from under the table. He stuck his fingers into Kurt's mouth and pushed down on his tongue muscle making it squiggle around....he kept doin' it and doin' it....while he said, "Just think...kid... whutsyername? Oh yeh, Sean....pitcher that squiggling raspy tongueswab wrapping it's whole self 'round your meaty no bbs cp kds little dick 3 hours fum now pussyboi....think of these here lips suck-guppying lol virgin bbs tgp around your root and'jer balls....can yuh stand it????"The kid buckled at the knees and his knuckles blanched as he held tight to the edge of the table....Jerry whistled, pointed and yowled...."Lookit him....hunchin' man...l'il fucker's cummin' right where he stands.....right fuckin' here in fronna us.... They all went quiet and got that smile....There is just something magnificent to a boy who watches another boy....stares deep into his eyes....breath shortening....watching all his slender muscles clench and tighten....ribs heaving, tummy rippling....knows his tailcheeks are sphinctering outside and his pelvis angel child model bbs teen bbs cgi hunching with his pumping, flexing butt globes snapping....knows the feels of those arcing surges sparking across his dick head , down his nerve endings and the insides of his thighs, literally down into his pretty boy feet.... toes twitching, tingling, and curling under just before they splay out stiff. The kid watching porn bbs list now shows that knowing smile, of awe maybe, and the boy he's watching....fuckin'.......... CUMMMMMMMMMMMS!!!!Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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